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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I mostly draw Gravity Falls, My Little Pony and Adventure Time.

I love to get comments on my pictures, and I do read all of them. I have a hard time thinking of responses though, so I probably won't reply to some of them.

I would think I woke up, but I was still dreaming and then I would wake up but it was still a dream and then I would wake up again but I was still dreaming. This kept happening over and over, it was terrible. It was one of the worst nightmares I've ever had because when I finally did wake up it made question if I really was awake or if I was still sleeping.
When the dream started I thought I was getting up out of bed to go to the bathroom, I felt really sluggish and kept stumbling. I remember before I got to the bathroom I looked at a mirror and I couldn't see my reflection because there was a glare on it. I started feeling scared and realized something was off but I didn't realize I was dreaming. I started checking my closet and stuff because I was afraid someone might be hiding in it, I didn't find anything and thought everything was normal so I started to go back to bed. I had been sleeping on a chair in my living room. I have a table with crafts and stuff on it in my living room but when I walked back in there, there was a couch in it's place. I saw myself sitting on the couch and I got really scared, it is really creepy to see a double of yourself. I don't know why but I went up to myself and poked my foot or something, I don't really remember. I think I was trying to see if it was real, the double of me wasn't moving. I started thinking that it was a dream or just becoming more aware that I was dreaming. It was weird, I hardly ever realize when I'm dreaming.
I got my face really close to my double's face and then my point of view kept switching between looking at her and being asleep on the chair.
Things get a bit hard to remember here but I think I woke up back in the chair next, but I wasn't actually awake I just thought I was. I reached over to the table next to me to get my phone and try and call my mom, I don't live in the same house as my parents, I live in a sort of camper trailer thing right next to their house. I was alone in there so, yeah, I got scared and tried to call my mom. But it wouldn't work I got static and it sounded weird. I started thinking something was still off and realized I was dreaming and I tried to wake up.
I woke up again and really thought I was awake, I tried to call her again but it still didn't work. This kept happening, I would wake up and try to call my mom. Sometimes I would really think I was awake and not realize it was a dream until I called her and the phone would have static or it wouldn't work and one time I think there was a weird jumbled up voice. Other times I would know something wasn't right and it might not be real, but I would try to call her anyways. I started to get really scared and frustrated and almost panicking.
At one point I woke up and my brother was in my house playing a video game, I think I actually knew it was a dream this time. I started yelling in his face telling him he wasn't real or something.
I think there were a few times when I woke up and I didn't try to call my mom I just realized it was a dream and woke up into another dream.
Things started to get really strange and jumbled up and confusing. I would start waking up and realizing it was and dream and then waking up a lot faster, a few times I think I actually did wake up but I was so confused I wasn't sure if I was awake and still tried to wake up from a dream but ended up falling asleep again. 
A lot of times when I'm waking up I here music. This started happening and I would see a few flashes of random things. At one point I remember looking at a computer screen. I also remember seeing my hands playing the piano, my vision was kind of blurry, I was playing something that sounded very pretty. I thought it was weird because I was just pressing random keys, also I can't play piano.
While I was still going through my waking up and still being asleep loop I started to panic. I remember screaming, and at one point praying, "please just let me wake up!" I just kept screaming that, and even started singing it it my dream, it was weird.
I think that's what finally woke me up I think I was sleep talking and screaming that in real life.
So, yeah, I finally did wake up after that, but I was still confused and wasn't sure if I was actually awake. I felt sort of scared. I called my mom and it was just such a relief when it actually worked, I was so glad to finally hear her voice on the other end. I was still kind of out of it and started trying to explain what I had dreamed and I just wanted to make sure she was real and if I was actually awake. I just felt so confused.
I ended up going to my parents house and sleeping in their living room for the rest of the night.
I know that dream doesn't even sound the least bit scary, even thinking of it now it doesn't seem like something I would normally be scared of. But in dreams I don't really have much control over my emotions, and in this dream I felt pretty scared.
I also finally confirmed that I do sleep talk. I've woke up a few times thinking I might have been talking out loud. And I finally know for sure now, it was like 9:00 and I was still asleep in their living room. I woke up when my mom came in there and asked if I was screaming something, I think she thought I was just trying to tell her something and was screaming because I didn't think she could hear me from another room. But I was actually just screaming in my sleep. It was really embarrassing. I was dreaming that I was trying to get dressed for something but everybody was already and they were starting to leave, and I wasn't even dressed and people kept walking in when I didn't have a shirt on. I was screaming stuff about being late or something. 

Anyways that inception like nightmare was terrible and I hope I never have another one like it.

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